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My Story

As far as I can remember, I’ve always sought a deeper meaning to our existence in this world. As a child I had a great passion for animals which, as a teenager lead to many adventures with my beloved horse, exploring wild and forgotten spaces. Instinctively the wilderness spoke to my own wild nature establishing a powerful connection to the land. As my emotional understanding matured, I used dance to move what was arising physically and emotionally through my body and created art, mostly sewing and drawing, as a way to process what I was feeling.


A huge part of my personal journey has been understanding and empathising with people I've met who were struggling. Throughout my working life I'd like to think I’ve helped many people from different walks of life. The elderly, sick, neurodiverse. Those struggling with illness, disabilities or addictions, so many unique and interesting humans doing the best with wherever they found themselves in life. I became curious about the methods we use to shift our energy patterns, often simply so we can numb what we are feeling.


In 2012 and 2014 I had two major experiences of profound loss leaving me to live in a valley of grief. In response I began to hear a call to offer direct healing through dance, to those who needed it. Around that time I discovered 5Rhythms. This combined so many of the things that spoke to me, an intuitive connection with my own nature, art in motion created moment by moment, and a safe space to embody feelings and emotions with other like-minded folk without prejudice. 


I stepped into service (supported) with 5Rhythms teacher Neil Pinnock as crew for his long established class in Birmingham and began my own self enquiry journey. I attended many 'embodied' workshops looking at shadows, the ego and it’s ways, ancestral healing and other heart-led explorations. In 2018 I traveled to Utah to train as a 5Rhythms Spaceholder and since then have offered inclusive, sacred safe to those who feel called as I was. My art and creativity has continued to flow alongside my movement offerings as a constant source of inspiration, calm and grounding.


Your Story

How we navigate life with energy is influenced by various factors. Our upbringing, environment, genetics, and culture shape our daily lives, impacting decisions and motivations. Yet, within us all resides a fundamental human nature shared by everyone. Imagine transcending our self-perceived identities and labels, accessing an innate understanding of humanity.


Consider your body as a conduit to your authentic self: a passionate, instinctive, and untamed essence often concealed in our fast-paced world. This vessel of flesh and blood contains suppressed emotions and sensations encountered in our daily journey.


Dancing in a unique, secure space enables a profound connection to our primal bodies and the emotions they hold. Exploring our energy flow, we attend to its emergence, noting the fluidity of certain body parts and encouraging others. As we dance with purpose, we release what's ready to depart, fostering internal healing and liberating ourselves.


Whatever revelations we uncover in this sacred setting, we carry into our ordinary lives, grounding ourselves in a truth that transcends societal norms and influences.

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